“Sugar is nothing but metabolic poison”, Arjun Bijlani On How He Managed To Sculpt That Frame

Cadet Alekh of ‘Left Right Left’, studious Mayank of ‘Miley Jab Hum Tum’ and now the loving Ritik of ‘Naagin’, Arjun Bijlani has managed to sweep us off our feet with every role that the actor plays.

Bijlani started off with a role in Balaji Telefilms’ ‘Kaarthika’ but really got noticed for his portrayal of the brute cadet Alekh Sharma. The actor has been setting fire to our TV screens and giving teenage hearts a flutter for over a decade now. But somehow, age is a concept Bijlani is indifferent of. The actor has managed to look younger with every passing day in the business and we can’t help but wonder how!hqdefault (5)


Quick Tips

Arjun let out his fitness secret in an interview and shared a few tips: “Firstly, I used to work out twice a day and maintain a strict diet. And by that, I don’t mean starving myself to death, rather it means to eat healthy food at a fixed time of the day and eat at an interval of every three hours”.

It’s clear that the actor is hard worker, as is evident from his no shortcut dietary habits. But that’s not all, he also swears off of any sugar to boost the weight loss process miraculously.

“And my second tip is that if you want to stay healthy, please avoid sugar. Sugar is nothing but metabolic poison. If you avoid sugar from your foods, you can lose up to 5 kilograms easily”, added Arjun.arjun-bijalni_020816043449


Toning Down

Apart from a healthy diet, Bijlani also dedicates a good amount of time to the gym. For his most recent role, the actor has reportedly shed 6 kilos (in a month) to don the look of the dashing business tycoon cum prince.

“In TV, we don’t really get time to prep or alter our looks drastically for a role. However, as an actor I want to present something different. Hence, I decided to tone down a little more. I went to the gym twice a day and followed a controlled diet”.

Just in case you’re thinking 6 kilos in a month is not a big deal, here’s what the actor achieved in flat 30 days.arjun bijlani

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