Subway UK Releases ‘Keep Discovering’ Campaign To Help You Mix Up Your Orders

We all have our favourite Subway sub combinations. For me, its tuna in multi grain toasted bread with no cheese, olives, jalapenos and tomatoes. For you, it may be teriyaki chicken with onions and honey mustard sauce.


After a couple of experiences at the chain, we tend to stick to our tried and tested favourites, rarely trying new sauces let alone a new sub. With their latest campaign, Keep Discovering, Subway in the UK is trying to change that.

Keep Discovering!

In the TVC, which was just launched, a man has an internal battle where he convinces himself to stay away from his usual order – Meatball Marina and try something new. In the process, we have a laugh and at the same time relate to his dilemma as he tells himself “Come on, mix it up a bit!” and “relax, don’t let him get to you” when he sees a little boy staring at his deliberation.

As you see, eventually the man does mix it up a bit and happily walks away. The ad goes on to display a collection of different, delicious looking subs, highlighting the wonderful amount of permutations and combinations you can play with.

Commenting on the campaign, Greg Madigan, Head of Brand for Subway UK and Ireland, said: “I am delighted to kick off our new brand revitalisation campaign, with a new energy and a choice message that empowers consumers to Keep Discovering everything that our menu has to offer in Subway stores.”

Does this inspire you to change up your Subway order a little?