Subway India Launches Two New ‘Shaahi’ Subs

Subway India, which already has a bonanza of permutations and combinations for customers to build subs has launched two new submarine sandwiches; the veg seekh sub and chicken kofta sub.

Pleasing Indian palates

The two subs have been inspired by Mughlai cuisine and therefore “promise a royally flavourful experience to Subway customers’ palates”.

The Veg Seekh sub is filled with fresh vegetables and vegetarian kebabs made with Bengal gram and soya granules mixed with Indian spices. Meanwhile the Chicken Kofta sub is filled with chicken koftas; meatballs made with ground chicken and Indian herbs and spices.


“SUBWAY’s focus on customization enables it to innovate and create new products mostly inspired from well-loved local Indian flavours,” said Ranjit Talwar, the Country Head of Subway Systems India.

Similarly, Sanjiv Pandey, the Marketing Manager of Subway Systems India said ““The shaahi subs would help reinforce our guests’ brand affinity and consideration giving them yet another tempting reason to visit SUBWAY. We are also promoting these subs through a 360 degree marketing campaign.”

The Campaign

In order to promote the new shaahi subs, Subway India has rolled out a 360 degree marketing campaign with in store collaterals, television commercials, print advertisements, radio spots, mobile ads, billboards and social mediums.

The television commercial features a group of teenagers raving over the subs, which promise to allow you to have a taste that befits the Nawabs.


Looks good? The subs are available for Rs.115 (veg) and Rs.130 (non veg) for a limited time only.


  • October 8, 2016 10:42 pm

    “The subs are available for Rs.115 (veg) and Rs.130 (non veg) for a limited time only.”

    Do you mean the low prices are for a limited time or the subs themselves are available for a limited time only?

  • Rahana
    September 11, 2016 12:42 pm

    very nice

    • September 13, 2016 10:25 am

      We think they’ll taste great too!


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