Subway India Has Launched Flatbreads To Allow Customers A Taste Of Something New

We’re all familiar with the concept of Subway; head there, select a type of sub bread you want and then the fillings. Recently, Subway India just added another bread option to its menu; flatbreads.

Convert Your Submarine Sandwiches

With the new flatbreads, customers can choose to fill flatbreads rather than submarine breads, creating a lighter meal.

“We love to create new tastes. It could be by tweaking our old favourites or experiencing something completely new. By offering a choice of a new bread carrier, one can transform an existing favourite sub into a brand new sandwich. Not only does Flatbread taste light, it also enhances the flavour of the sandwiches,” said Mr Sanjiv Pandey, Marketing Manager, South Asia, SUBWAY®.

To announced the launch of its new offerings, Subway India ha released a TVC celebrating the idea that ‘flat is the new curve’.

With these options, you’ll probably spend even more time debating what to get at the sandwich chain, but isn’t that part of the fun?