Subway – How to Earn Discount Coupons

Coupons are usually used as part of a sales promotion scheme by retail, service and other types of businesses. The goal is to keep customers satisfied and coming back by promising them discounts on certain popular products. 

Coupons have saved Americans thousands of dollars every year. Some people even hoard them and, as a result, end up not paying a cent on certain products, such as groceries. 

One popular restaurant chain that uses this sales scheme is Subway. However, not every customer knows how to get their hands on these discount coupons, even though there are plenty of ways.

Subway - How to Earn Discount Coupons

4 Ways To Get Coupons for Subway

Luckily, if you are a big fan of Subway (who isn’t?!), there are some really quick and simple methods to get coupons. So let’s take a look at 4 of the best options.

Sign Up For Newsletters

If you find that you are a Subway regular, be sure to check out their website to sign up for their newsletter. Subscribers often receive coupons, promotions and other freebies. 

You could also try downloading their loyalty app, which they often use to reward users with digital coupons that can be printed and used to save money. Subway also offers customers a rewards card. 

Every time you purchase something at any branch, you receive tokens that can be used to save money on your next purchase. 

Buy Newspapers 

At your next stop at the shops, be sure to pick up one or two newspapers. Make sure that you scan them for any Subway coupons before purchasing them, as not all papers have coupons hidden inside

Some stores sell their Sunday newspapers for a lower price on Monday, so if you buy your newspapers on this day, you could save even more cash. 

Another trick that some extreme-couponers use is buying their papers from the Dollar Tree or other discount stores. These will only cost you a Dollar per paper, which is much cheaper than anywhere else.

Many people throw away their newspapers without having cut out their coupons. If you have any friends or neighbors who do this, ask them if you can use their papers once they are finished with them. 

Search For Digital Coupons

Digital coupons are basically the same as ordinary coupons. You can store digital coupons on your phone and scan them on your next trip to Subway. 

You could also print these coupons, but this is the more expensive option. All you have to do is visit the Subway website, copy the coupons that you wish to use and print them out. 

There are plenty of digital coupon companies out there – you just have to look for them. Examples of online printable coupon companies include SmartSource, Groupon and RedPlum. These companies are simple to use and, best of all, are completely free. 

Subway can also be ordered online for your convenience. If you plan on doing this, Honey is another good example of a company that could help you save a little extra cash. It is a free online browser extension that automatically applies coupons and discounts when you place your next order online. 

Call The Company To Get Coupons

Sometimes when you want something, all you have to do is ask politely for it. You can also use this mentally when tracking down Subway coupons. 

If you are a Subway regular, be sure to visit their website and track down their customer call number. Then, when you have the time, give them a ring and ask if they have any coupons, discounts or promotions to offer you. This is a very popular and easy way of finding Subway coupons, so be sure not to give this one a miss. 

While you are at it, you could also search their website. Many companies have a specific webpage where customers can use to find coupons and other freebies. 

Subway - How to Earn Discount Coupons


There are many ways to find Subway coupons. Try signing up for their newsletters and searching for coupons online. You could also buy newspapers, which usually have coupons hidden inside, and call Subway to ask for them. This will save you plenty of money if you are a Subway regular.