How to Submit a Press Release Online to HungryForever

Every day, there are events happening all over the country. Hotels are hosting special brunches, there’s a special spread for a festival or an event that people need to know about.

HungryForever is now making this easier for you to get the information out to our readers. Instead of sending the press releases to the writers, you can upload it yourself. The press release won’t appear on our social media (Facebook & Twitter), and won’t be part of our Google News sitemaps, but the article will still be on the website and accessible to everyone who visits the website.

Here’s a simple step-by-step explanation of how to upload your press release to

1. You can submit your press releases here.
2. Title Field – Enter the title of the press release, make sure you mention the name of the hotel and the event you are promoting
3. Content Box – Enter all the information as it is in your press release, inclusive of the price of the meal and the number that they can call for more information. Using the “Add Media” button above the content box, you can also add images and videos.
4. Author Bio – You can either add your name and your designation, with some information about the company you work for. Or put down information about the hotel/restaurant/establishment that you are putting the event up for.
5. Category – If it’s a city centric press release, choose the city that it is relevant to (For example: Vishu Celebrations at Taj Hotels Chennai would go in the Chennai section). Otherwise you can pick any other one category, as long as it is relevant to what you are posting.
6. Tags – Separate the tags with commas and mention the venue name, city, type of event, festival, etc in the tags so that when people are searching for a specific topic, this shows up as well.
7. Choose Featured Image – This is the main image that will show up at the top of your article, so make sure it’s a large image so that it doesn’t stretch and pixelate.

Once you hit submit, the press release is live and available to everyone!

Please note that this feature is only for F&B and Hospitality Industry. If a submitted press release isn’t relevant to, we will take it down.

If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.