Study Shows Which Brand Has The Best Air To Chips Ratio

If you consider yourself a bit of a chips connoisseur, then you’ll know that one of the biggest pet peeves that chip-eaters have, is the fact that we pay for air (sometimes over 50% of the bag is air). However, although we’ve made some fire memes, we didn’t really have any empirical evidence about which company sells the most air.

Now, Kitchen Cabinet Kings has come out with a proper study on which chip brands have the best chips to air ratio. In other words, which brands are giving you more chips for your buck.

In order to discover which brands sold the most air, KCK purchased 14 different brands of chips, from low-fat, baked items to the good stuff, and used a water-displacement method to crunch the numbers. Here’s what they found: the average amount of air in a bag of chips is a whopping 43%, the chips that had the least amount of air were Fritos with only 19% air, and the chips with the most air was Cheetos with 59% air.

KCK also discovered the brands that give you the most chips for your money. Fritos were the most economical option, followed by Pringles (obvio), and Tostitos. However, although it was great to get some empirical evidence on the subject, we’re pretty sure chip-eaters aren’t going to change their brand over a bit of air. You’ll definitely have to pry my bag of Cheetos out of my cold, lifeless body before you expect me to change brands.