Students Go The Dharna Way To Show Support For Their Midnight Study Buddy Maggi

The ‘2 minute’ Maggi, which is the staple diet of students all over the country, has – as we all know – landed itself in trouble. Food Safety and Drug Administration (FDA) found monosodium glutamate (MSG) and excessive lead content in some of the Maggi samples. So the thing with MSG is that when it is consumed more than the acceptable amount, it can prove fatal. This leads to the most obvious judgment that Maggi must be banned. Students and bachelors have joined hands against this forthcoming ban. Taking inspiration from the recent government strikes, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the students also chose to go the dharna way.


Infuriated by all the recent bans right from social media content to animal products, the students have decided to finally put their foot down now that their staple diet is in jeopardy. “Maggi is the single source of joy in many people’s life. When you are living away from home, Maggi comes to your rescue every time you are hungry and too lazy to go out. I am very sure that it isn’t as harmful as smoking and rather than banning it, the government can put a warning on the packet which says ‘Maggi is injurious to health’. If you ban it, we won’t have any jokes to crack the next time a batsman gets out in 2 minutes,” said an over sentimental Maggi fanatic. “The government should realize that no one eats Maggi for its nutrients. A product, which is worth Rs 10 and barely takes any time to cook, obviously can’t be of any nutritional value.” another student added.



It is said that India is home to the world’s youngest population and if the youth is stepping up for something, then it surely cannot go unnoticed. We don’t know whether or not Maggi will be banned but we do know for sure that this portion of the majority is not going to leave any stone unturned to save it!