How Strong Do You Like Your Tea? #POLL
November 12, 2017

How Strong Do You Like Your Tea? #POLL

When it comes to tea – or for that matter any kind of beverage with more than one ingredient like coffee, milkshakes, etc. – there are always various options that come tagged along with it. For example, what kind of tea do you prefer – are you a classic Oolong person or a summer-loving Iced Tea person; how much sugar you like; and also how strong you like your tea – more milk less tea, more tea less milk, or only tea?

We recently came across tea strength chart/index on Tumblr (where else?) that very aptly termed and characterized the different tea strengths and what they should be known as. And frankly, it’s so funny it’s true! We took the liberty of adding a few of our own options as well. Take a look at the chart and vote for your preferred tea strength below!

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