Street Food Stalls At Popular Mumbai Beaches To Be Inspected

Girgaum Chowpatty and Juhu Chowpatty are quite famous in the city of Mumbai for their street food stalls and people actually visit there to enjoy the specialties. However, according to a report by DNA India, these beaches have come under the scrutiny of the Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) who will soon be inspecting the food stalls.

Hygiene At Street Food Stalls

The FDA told the media that the inspection will be carried out to check if the food safety measures were being followed by the food vendors. The FDA had announced an initiative last month under which the popular street food places like Juhu Chowpatty and Girgaum Chowpatty were named. Apart from Mumbau, the street food stalls chosen for the initiative within the state were – Saras Baug in Pune and Futala Talav in Nagpur.

Street Food Stalls At Popular Mumbai Beaches To Be Inspected

“We have already trained street food vendors twice. To fill the gap and see if they are following the instructions, we will be inspecting these two places along with an association of food scientists and technologists on Friday,” said Shailesh Adhav, Joint Commissioner, Food, Mumbai told DNA India. The agenda of this inspection is to make sure that hygiene is maintained while making and serving the food. “We want them to coordinate with us and ensure that safe street food is served,” said Adhav.

“The street stalls do not maintain hygiene standards, which in turn contaminates the water. Maintaining hygiene will reduce the spread of infectious diseases,” Dr Madhukar Gaikwad, Medical Superintendent, St George Hospital in a statement to DNA India.