Street Food In Thiruvananthapuram To Undergo An Upgrade

Street Food In Thiruvananthapuram To Undergo An Upgrade

After Ahmedabad and Mumbai, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has undertaken the improvement of street food in Thiruvananthapuram. This is part of the regulator’s Clean Street Food Hub initiative and in the state they will be targeting the food vendors in various areas like Shangumugham. Their aim will be to make the food rise to high standards.

Hygienic Street Food

The Food Safety Commissioner of the state, Rathan U Kelkar feels that the street food culture is quite strong in the country. “It is a 360-degree approach to Food Safety and Healthy Nutrition. We are trying to build a street food hub at the Shangumugham beachside where customers can have quality food while enjoying nature. Initially, an audit team verifies the street shop and lists down the requirements to gain quality certification. Once rectified, street vendors will be coached on cleanliness. Sessions comprise personal hygiene to food nutrition and health benefits,” Rathan told the New Indian Express.

He also added that, “Unhealthy cooking using refined oil and the use of unhygienic ice and water can result in severe health conditions. Hence strict instructions must be followed by street vendors. Lack of washbasins was one of the major problems faced. This will be sorted by making it mandatory to install washbasins in each shop.”


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