Street Food, Chaat, Paan And More Go Online In Kolkata

Just when you thought the food delivery market had covered every base, you get a big surprise! In Kolkata, you can now order street food via food delivery platforms. If you’re craving chaat or even paan, it can be ordered online and delivered straight to your front door.

According to a report by Economic Times, Sandip Soda Shikanji at Vivekananda Park lists pretty much everything on their online menu. Be it rose milkshake to kachha aam milkshake or kala khatta, you can get your hands on your favourite drink or chaat online. Even Ashok Paan shop is selling different flavours and kinds from their store via the internet.

Rahul Kumar Chaurasia from Ashoka Paan shop told ET that it’s been almost three months since they started this service and it helps them deliver to people further than they would have had they not joined the service. The orders range from Rs. 8 to Rs. 50, depending on what the customer wants.

Piku Pandit, from Durga Pandit Ka Phuchka Stall, is happy with the service that is available to him. He told ET, “Clients who can’t physically come down are happy to be served this way . On some days, I even get as many as 15 online orders.” Sandip Das of Sandip Soda Shikanji Stall agrees that the best way to reach more people is to join the food delivery world, “This shop was set up by my grandfather. Elderly people might not understand apps, but I need to be savvy to survive.There are days when I get 50 orders through the app.”

While most would still prefer to go down to the store or eat the food from the vendors directly, for a much larger population of the city, having the food or drinks delivered straight to their front door is much more important.