February 22, 2017

Strawberry Fro-Yo Recipe | Easy Desserts

The wonderful thing about fro-yo (frozen yogurt) is that it’s perfect for any time of year. Whether it’s summer, winter, monsoons, autumn or spring. It’s the kind of treat that sometimes gives ice cream a bad name. But like no-churn ice cream, making fro-yo at home is incredibly easy. It takes almost no time and it requires less than five ingredients. Sure, there might be more complicated ways to make fro-yo, but we’ve definitely found one that is much easier and something that requires absolutely no time or effort and really only needs a good freezer and a proper blender. 

And we’re serious, it only needs about five ingredients, because it’s an “easy dessert”. You need strawberries, yogurt (obviously), honey and milk. And the rest are things you can definitely find in your kitchen. So are you ready? Here’s the recipe to make it at home. Also, check out the video below.


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