Strawberry Desserts at Sassy Teaspoon

Strawberry Desserts at Sassy Teaspoon

Kick start the New Year with lip smacking strawberry desserts at Sassy Teaspoon.

When life gives you the freshest strawberries, expect the culinary team at Sassy Teaspoon to create magical desserts! Rachel Goenka (founder of The Chocolate Spoon Company) has curated the offering herself.

Some of these desserts include “Molten Belgian Chocolate Strawberry Cup Cakes” made using organic Mahableshwar strawberries, “Milk Chocolate ; Strawberry Mousse”, “Tender Coconut & Organic Strawberry Tart” (this one is an experimental combination that they are trying out for the first time ever!), Rachel’s signature Strawberry Cake using fresh, organic strawberries and everyone’s favourite “Baked Strawberry Cheesecake”. Also indulge in a decadent Strawberry shake made with delicious strawberries & homemade vanilla ice cream, only available at Sassy Teaspoon, Bandra.

Come over and indulge in these mouthwatering treats this strawberry season! You can also order these delightful creations on Swiggy, Scootsy & Zomato.


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