Chief Hopper Finally Has His Own IPA Thanks To Short’s Brewing Company

It’s been over a year since Stranger Things and a lovable group of dorks (and Eleven) walked off the screen and into our hearts. Lucky for us, season two released last Thursday (and yes, I’ve already binge-watched the entire season) to give us our Halloween fix.

To commemorate the second season of Stranger Things there’s been a popup bar, an Eleven themed doughnut, as well as a resurgence of love for Eggos. However, Chief Hopper is finally getting the recognition he deserves with an IPA made by Short’s Brewing Company.

Chief Hopper Finally Has His Own IPA Thanks To Short's Brewing Company

The Flavour Profile

While we’re definitely fans of the pun (the IPA is named Chief Hopper) the flavours sound pretty good as well.

The Double IPA beer features Vic Secret, Simcoe, and Centennial hops, ingredients inspired by the aesthetics of the Netflix series and character. The brewery describes the citrusy beer as “deep gold in color” with a “dense white head.” Drinkers of the “smooth… and balanced in flavor” specialty beer will be privy to a hint of malt and the aromas of pine, grapefruit, pineapple, and mango.

Unfortunately for us in the subcontinent, we can’t exactly make our way to Michigan at the drop of a hat. Hopefully, one of our own local brewers can brew us up a Stranger Things inspired IPA, perhaps named after Steve or Dart?