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The story of Mumbai based food ordering app TinyOwl


The TinyOwl is a location based app, that lets you order your food from a range of restaurants anywhere in Mumbai, right from your mobile phone. The app is currently only available on the Android and iOS platforms in Mumbai. The intention is to bring to the users their choice of food in a way that could hardly be thought possible.  No need now, for those dozens of menus to be sorted through or the lack of menus when you need them most.
This is all thanks to the TinyOwl Pvt. Ltd which is a start-up that was founded by 5 IIT alumni, funded by the US $3million raised by Sequoia Capital and Nexus Venture Partners in their series A funding. The app is free for the users as well as the restaurants, as the focus is only on growth, even though there is an increase in orders for the restaurants. Of course they may eventually charge the restaurants for their services.
As of now, what sustains them is the adequate investor money at their disposal. So right now their aim is to bring in the huge number of users that are still getting used to online transactions in the mobile app industry.  
The story of Mumbai based food ordering app TinyOwl
The app does almost everything for you. It’s simple and friendly UI and is constantly updated by their team for the menus and prices, making it easy, convenient and reliable to use. When you start the app it detects your location and gives you a list of the nearby restaurants.
You then choose your dishes / cuisine, place the order and tell them where to find you and you have the options to pay via card or cash. . It also gives you the convenience of tracking delivery.
The app provides you not only the lunch and dinner menus, it describes each dish and provides you the chef’s profile. Suggestions, based on your past choices, are also provided. The app plans to eventually step into a role of personal assistant where it can make suggestions for a party or a get-together, so that it can then take care of entire process-flow, right from throwing up options to effecting delivery and cash collections.
TinyOwl is now in their series B round of funding. TinyOwl is expected to raise US $ 5 million. This funding, again, is expected from Sequoia Capital and Nexus Venture Partners completely. They plan to use this funding to expand to other metros such Pune, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore.
They have recently launched the TinyOwl Homemade app which gives you access to food from home chefs. The Homemade app gives you the choice of having home-cooked food, and lets you know of the nearest home-chef in your locality. It has a convenient option to set up food schedules, too. At present, the homemade function caters to the Powai-Chandivali stretch in Mumbai.
The app has reportedly more than 100k downloads in Mumbai city. Given the fact that they have a force of 100-odd delivery boys zipping in and out the streets of Mumbai, it certainly looks like TinyOwl is now a must-have if you’re living in Mumbai.