A Story of Cheese, Sugar and Wonder

Mansi Sandesh Reddy of Ox and Tomato

Mansi Sandesh Reddy from Ox and Tomato in Chennai is a busy lady. We managed to catch up with her as she tossed up another winning pizza and she told us the story of the 4-year old Wood Fired Pizza Joint in Chennai.

“My mother owned a place on St Mary’s Road at that time. Sandesh (her husband) felt that the area lacked a great cafe. We’d seen several New York pizzerias and loved the way you could just eat and walk. We wanted to bring in the experience of a New York style pizza in Chennai. When we started, Dominos’ and Pizza Hut were all that stood here. There was no focus or talk of a thin crust pizza. 

We’re happy where we are. We’d like send out a special thanks to all our regulars that have made these 4 years what they are,” says Mansi. 

Ask her for a message for Women’s Day and she stuns us with this line:

“Never underestimate a woman. A woman is like a teabag. You never know her strength until you dip her in hot water. ” 

Head to Ox and Tomato and order the God Father Pizza and life will never be the same. 


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