Stop What You’re Doing and Start Painting With Wine

If you’ve ever had a few drops of wine left and never knew what to do with it, you can probably turn it into art. That’s what Serbian artist Sanja Janković has done and showcased on her Instagram.

It’s been used in food and during parties, but never like this before. Janković has changed the face of wine as we know it and she’s made realistic-looking portraits using just wine and nothing else. A lot of thought goes into how she chooses her colors: red wine is used for cooler and darker tones, rosé for brighter, warmer shades, and white wine is mostly used as a solvent to dilute other colors.

Along with original compositions, she also creates wine versions of famous paintings, like the Mona Lisa.


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Why wine? Because it’s “a surprisingly unpredictable medium,” says Janković.