Stop Press: Burger King has arrived in Bangalore.

Whopper Takes on Bengaluru

 Yes, Burger King just opened in Phoenix Market City

We are currently hyperventilating. So bad, that it’s hard to even type this out. After months and months and in some cases, 6 years, Burger King has finally come to Bangalore! We now get to gorge on delectable fries, the chicken royale and the ever famous – Whopper Burger

The outlet is open in Phoenix Market City in Whitefield and although it’s quite a drive for most of us, it’s Burger King yo! 

This news comes after Burger King announced last year for a rapid expansion of its outlets in India. Currently, Burger King is opened in Punjab, Mumbai and Delhi. They are talking about Kolkatta so fingers crossed Bengal! 

On this note, we leave you with some gorgeous pictures of Burger King’s burgers. It isn’t a fantasy anymore. It’s a dream that can be fulfilled with a 20 km ride. 

Oh but wait, in case we forgot to tell you, if you pre-book your whopper, you can get a whopper Tshirt with your burger! Book now here




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