Stock Up On These Mini Rosé Bottles This Summer

There’s never a bad time to drink Rosé. These days the millennial pink beverage has hit peak popularity (they’ve even got Rosé-infused marshmallows these days). However, there are new ways to drink Rosé popping up every day and one of the cutest ways to do it is with the mini Rosé bottles that Summer Water is selling.

Aptly nicknamed ‘droplets’ these adorable bottles contain 187 ml of Rosé (so, approximately one small glass). There is no way that you’ll be able to resist posting these cutie-pies on your social media feeds.

“The design and packaging of the bottles make droplets portable and convenient for all kinds of summertime activities like beach days, picnics and more,” Winc Wine Director, Brooke Matthias, said, speaking to Refinery29.

However, if you want to sip on one of these adorable bottles, there is a bit of a catch. All you gotta do is become a member of Summer Water Societé. For $350 you get three monthly shipments of 24 droplets and six Summer Water magnums. Subscribe here, and let us know if it lasts the summer!