Steve From Stranger Things Is All For The Domino’s Pizza Tracker

Remember Steve (played by Joe Keery) from Stranger Things? Yes, the guy who dated Nancy Wheeler and came off as complete bad news until a certain point towards the end of the show. Anyhoo, turns out Steve is as huge a fan of Domino’s pizza as we are. In a new pizza commercial by the fast food giant, Keery dons his Stranger Things-style 80s attire to recreate some Ferris Bueller charm.

The commercial features Keery leaving all else to chase after his pizza delivery to catch it just in time. The ad is set in a twisted world where the people ‘s wardrobes are still in the 20th century while the protagonist is racing against a modern day Audi and tracking his pizza (which is being delivered in a delivery car, by the way) on a smart watch. Technicalities apart, Keery manages to pull off a flawless Ferris Bueller.

In the second spot, Keery muses “how can I possibly be expected to go out without Domino’s on a day like this?” He satiates his pizza needs, and goes on to order his favorite Domino’s combination using an Amazon Alexa (nope, still the 80s. What is this world?!).

The commercials essentially highlight the ease of ordering a pizza and then “tracking it on your favourite device”. And also the viability of placing other brands in your commercial. Maybe