Stepping Into Above & Beyond, Andheri East’s Latest Eatery

Andheri West, as most Mumbaikars would know, is teeming with restaurants and eateries. On the other hand, Andheri East has relatively fewer eating out options. At the same time, it has a large population of residential complexes. What, then are Andheri East dwellers supposed to do when they want to enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant? They can hop on the metro and make a trip to the West. Or, they find a place to eat near home.

A new casual eatery on the Mahalkali Caves Road; Above & Beyond offers Andheri East dwellers a great reason to stay close to home. It opened a few weeks ago and is a 1100 square foot, two levelled cafe which offers vegetarian fare, a live kitchen and the option to smoke sheesha.

Stepping into the eatery, one will immediately feel at ease thanks to the laid back, casual vibe. In one corner a book shelf heaving with books and board games welcomes customers. In the upstairs section, waiters are serving sheesha along with food; encouraging customers to stretch and unwind with some delicious flavours.

The menu echoes the eatery’s vibe; it offers a  collection of comfort foods from hot chocolate to pizzas to hearty pastas while all the while remaining healthy with ingredients like kale, artichokes and broccoli.

Tasting The Talk

On a visit to the eatery this week, we got to enjoy its relaxed vibe and wholesome fare first hand. After settling ourselves at a quiet table in the corner – near an exposed brick wall – with a great view of the live kitchen that had bustling chefs whipping up plate after plate of orders we decided to begin our tasting with ‘The Classic Hot Chocolate’ with whipped cream and Green Tea.

The Classic Hot Chocolate towed the line between deeply indulgent and deeply comforting; the chocolate was rich and smooth and the whipped cream created a delicious balance between hot and cold.

We next called for the Oven Baked Jerk Potato Wedges and the Wok Tossed Greens salad. The Oven Baked Potato Wedges were plump pieces of potato with a soft center and crispy covering served in a pool of smooth, spicy queso.

Stepping Into Above & Beyond, Andheri East’s Latest Eatery

Also on the plate were pearls of pomegranate; creating for a sweet and savoury pairing when had with the wedges. Meanwhile, the Wok Tossed Greens Salad allowed us to feel pleased about putting our healthy hats on; it combined slivers of zucchini, firm broccoli and flash fried kale with sesame seeds and ginger. Priced at Rs.150, we were particularly impressed by the fact that this incredibly healthy dish was also reasonably priced.

Stepping Into Above & Beyond, Andheri East’s Latest Eatery

For our mains, we called for the Water Chestnut Artichoke pizza – a Chef’s Special and Penne Pasta in Aglio Olio sauce. The Water Chestnut Artichoke pizza was a special treat; a thin yet doughy crust was topped with gooey cheese, soft artichokes and crunchy water chestnuts, again, making for a wonderful balance of textures. Meanwhile, the pasta was more of a classic treat with shreds of Parmesan, a generous dose of olives, and oh-so-healthy pieces of broccoli.

Stepping Into Above & Beyond, Andheri East’s Latest Eatery

Finally, upon our server’s recommendation we called for the Banoffee Pie, which was the highlight of our meal. The caramel coated base was topped with layer upon layer of cream infused with banana flavour and slices of fresh banana.

Stepping Into Above & Beyond, Andheri East’s Latest Eatery

The Banoffee pie was the perfect way to round off a delicious, thoroughly satisfying meal. We foresee Above & Beyond becoming a favourite local joint and becoming the college crowd and families alike with value for money meals and a comfortable ambience. Head there yourself to see whether you agree with us!