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Stephen Colbert Returns to Waffle House to Throw A Party


In an an episode of his show The Late Show, Stephen Colbert talked about his history with Waffle House and how he has his friends used to go there late at night and order the left side of the menu and nothing else. “And I found out recently that Waffle House has jukeboxes,” he added on the show, “And on the jukeboxes they have songs about the Waffle House and I thought it would be a really great goal to get a song on the Waffle House that we created about Waffle House.”

So obviously he collaborated with country singer Sturgill Simpson to create the song “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Knuckleheads”, a song that lays out some ground rules for those who wish to dine at Waffle House.

They recorded the song back in April, showed it to Waffle House and got it added to the jukebox.

But obviously Colbert didn’t believe this, so he and Simpson went to the very same Waffle House that he used to frequent as a teenager and threw a party. As one does if you are Stephen Colbert.

Colbert and Simpson chat with some guests at the outlet, even have the Hash Brown Maidens scatter the red carpet with crumbled hash browns before they make their walk down to the jukebox. As the song plays, there’s a montage of what the two of them get up to while eating, including building a house made entirely of waffles, juggling eggs while they’re wearing Waffle House uniforms and pose for selfies while getting up to lots of other shenanigans.

You wish you were at this party. We do.