Stephen Colbert Gives His Two Pence On The New York v/s Chicago Pizza Debate


There is hardly anyway you can go wrong with pizza. Unless you’re Gordon Ramsay and you’ve come in contact with pineapple pizza. But apart from that exception (and a few others), pizza is loved and devoured in a number of ways. From an extra cheese slice or a meaty pepperoni, to a crunchy thin crust or a heavy deep dish. One such variation comes in when you travel from New York to Chicago (or the other way round).

The two cities have very distinct pizza variants that they roll out. While NYC loves a lanky thin base, Chicago likes it heavier with a loaded deep dish. And there has been quite a lot of debate about which of the two pizzas are better. While we still seem to like both equally (well, almost) and haven’t arrived at any conclusion, Stephen Colbert makes it easier by weighing in on the discussion.

The episode had the comedian devour a plate of super hot chicken wings with guest Sean Evans – yep, the guy who hosts First We Feast’s popular Hot Ones Challenge – who poked the host about his pizza preferences as Colbert fired up his palate.

Colbert took up the discussion on the Late Show and told viewers what he thought about the pizzas. The late-night host described the deep dish as “a baby pool filled with sauce and cheese.” He added: “when I go to Giordano’s or Lou Malnati’s I want to bring a snorkel cause I’m going straight in.”

For the uninitiated, a Chicago deep dish is exactly what it sounds like. Over an inch thick stuffed pizza that comes filled with cheese, sauces, and other ingredients. This is further topped with cheese, sauce, and the desired toppings. So you can see why people who’ve taken to liking the thin New York style pizza disagree with this heavier base.


Stephen Colbert Gives His Two Pence On The New York v/s Chicago Pizza DebateImage: NY Daily News

Colbert added that they’re “totally different experiences,” but that he “likes the crispness of a New York slice, because that’s pizza.”


Feature Image: Goldbely