Stay in Julia Child’s French Cottage for $600 a Night!

Foodies everywhere, thanks to an Airbnb listing, you can now stay in the French Cottage that Julia Child once lived in. For only $600 a night (and they have a five night minimum booking).


Built by the legendary culinary icon and her husband in 1963, the Provence cottage was sold in 1993 and became a cooking school before it was sold to Makenna Johnston last year. Still going by the name that Child gave it – “La Pitchoune” (“the little one”) – this house is now in the process of becoming a cooking school and a yoga retreat. But during the off seasons, you can rent the house via Airbnb.

An exact replica of this kitchen is housed in the Smithsonian, says the listing. And the owner even adds, “There is a drop camera in the kitchen to ensure that the utensils of near priceless value aren’t removed. No footage will be kept longer than the duration of your stay.”