States Across India Are Cracking The Whip Against Establishments Overcharging For Water

Summer is upon us, which means that we need to keep our hydration game up by drinking lots of water, juices and cool drinks each day. However, many a time when we’re in a mall or cinema hall, we’re forced to pay over and above the MRP with no real idea why or how to challenge the price. This year, however, the consumer affairs ministry will be issuing challans against companies overcharging.

The Problem Of Overcharging

In January, inspectors conducted a survey at leading malls across Mumbai and found that many were overcharging for bottles of water and soft drinks. In one establishment, for instance, a litre of Kinley water with an MRP of Rs.20 was being sold for Rs.50 while a bottle of Miranda which typically costs Rs.25 was being sold for Rs.60.

According to reports, this is a problem not just in Mumbai, but at malls, airports and hotels across India.

Action Is Taken

Following complaints and investigations, many establishments in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have been served prosecution notices.

Meanwhile, in Maharashtra the legal metrology department has looked for permission to take companies that are overcharging to the consumer forum.

A consumer affairs ministry official, said, “Our responsibility is to protect consumer interest. There cannot be two MRPs for two types of consumers. Charging more than the MRP is illegal.”


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