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Starbucks Showcases Coffee Craft and Innovation with ‘Starbucks Barista Pride’


Starbucks is taking beverage innovation to new heights with the simultaneous launch of 134 new, crafted beverages. Delivering on the iconic ‘Third Place’ experience, while strengthening commitment to innovation and coffee passion, the global coffee chain has introduced a new initiative called Starbucks Barista Pride where baristas from each Starbucks store will feature a beverage unique to their store, conceptualized and created by themselves.

Till the end of February, all Starbucks stores across India will serve a specially curated beverage, enabling customers to ‘coffee hop’ and try 134 unique beverages across the 134 Starbucks stores in India.

Based on the idea of customization and personalization, while celebrating the heart and soul of the signature Starbucks Experience, Starbucks Barista Pride is here to showcase the talent and innovation the Starbucks baristas have to offer.

The wide range of unique beverages includes Turkish Espresso Praline available at the Chapel Road store in Mumbai, Chai White Chocolate Mocha available at the Vega Mall store in Bangalore and Winter Chocolate Cream available at the DLF Hub store in Delhi.

“Starbucks is committed to delivering an unparalleled, unique experience for every customer. We are delighted to introduce ‘Starbucks Barista Pride’- a new coffee forward initiative which highlights the exemplary coffee skills of our Starbucks baristas and brings to our customers a wide range of artisanal beverages. At Starbucks, we believe in celebrating each customer’s individual coffee preference and profile. For us each cup of coffee is unique and especially suited to the coffee palette of our customer. With a deep understanding of coffee, our Starbucks baristas personalize each cup to perfection”, said Ms. Veetika Deoras, head – marketing, category, digital and loyalty at Tata Starbucks Pvt. Ltd. “We are humbled to lead specialty coffee in India and initiatives like Starbucks Barista Pride are a tribute to our customers and reflect the Starbucks 47-year legacy of sourcing, roasting and serving world’s top Arabica coffee.”

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