Starbucks Is Offering Its Employees Free Legal Advice After The Immigration Ban

Following the immigration ban that the Trump administration announced in late January, Starbucks has sent a letter to its employees offering them free legal advice. This comes after Starbucks announced that it will be hiring 10,000 refugees around the world.


The Background

On January 27th, President Trump announced that it would be halting the immigration of people from seven countries to the US. These countries included Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Syria.


Following the ban, a federal judge in Washington stopped the ban, a move which the Trump administration is trying to overturn.

Legal Advice In The Face Of Uncertainty

The ban, followed by its halt paired with announcements and discussions in the media concerning it has led to a lot of confusion especially amongst those from the affected countries.


To alleviate any confusion, Starbucks has employed lawyers from. Ernst & Young to counsel Starbucks’ employees on their immigration and legal rights.

The letter says: “we are proud to announce a new service in partnership with the immigration arm of Ernst & Young; the Immigration Advisor Program. This service will allow all partners and family members to help navigate immigration issues and get answers in these uncertain times. If you are a partner or a family member and you have questions about immigration, travel restrictions, or how the Executive Order and any related actions may otherwise impact you, please access this legal support and guidance from the Global Mobility and Immigration team by clicking on this link or opening the attached email draft.”

Following Starbucks obvious stand on the immigration order, a Twitter campaign both supporting and denouncing the stand has begun. Read more on that here.