Starbucks Is Now Serving Coffee Beer Cocktails In The US


Starbucks regulars will now be able to enjoy their coffee as a shot in a tall glass of beer thanks to their new ‘Espresso Cloud IPA’. The Espresso Cloud IPA is a beer cocktail which combines beer and espresso.

Starbucks Evenings

The new product is a part of Starbucks Evenings menu, which offers customers beer and wine after 4 pm at select locations across the US.


Starbucks Evenings were launched last year and were offered in outlets in Orlando, New York City, Northern California, Denver and Miami.

Commenting on the launch, Starbucks spokesperson Alan Hilowitz said ““It’s something our customers have really been responding to. They want to sit and relax, and maybe one person wants to have coffee and the other wants beer or wine. People also can go out after work without having to go to a bar, and people who are underage can go and have a cup of coffee instead.”


The Espresso Cloud IPA

To help their customers better relax, Starbucks conceptualized the Espresso Cloud IPA which involves dropping a chilled shot of espresso in a glass of beer which has a coffee froth head with hints of orange and vanilla.

The Espresso Cloud IPA is available at all locations with Starbucks Evenings.