Starbucks Launches Its Tea Retail Chain, Teavana

Starbucks is known for its exquisitely prepared and highly expensive coffees. Now, they are also looking to make their presence known in the tea market. Tata Starbucks is all set to introduce Teavana, a tea retail chain which it acquired in 2012, in the Indian market. 

The Tevana range of teas will be available at all 79 Starbucks outlets in India, with stand-alone stores of Teavana to be launched during the second phase. Speaking about the launch, Howard Schultz, CEO and Chairman of Starbucks, said, “Tea is a $100-billion category, bigger than coffee. We want to create a global footprint for Teavana.”


Teavana offers exotic flavours of teas such as flavoured and scented green teas, scented black tea, oolong teas, pu-erh team and other herbal infusions. Teavana also has a wide range of tea products like teapots, cups, stove-top kettles, electric kettles and milk frothers.


Starbucks has continued to target India for its enormous middle-class customer base and a large coffee and tea drinking population. “We see a major, major business opportunity here. Starbucks will have a major business in India and the number of stores here will rival many of the large markets we have around the world,” Schultz said.