Starbucks Is Selling Prosecco Flavored Lollipops For Summer

Along with the blistering heat, summer does bring quite a few perks. Starbucks recently announced that they would be selling cocktail flavored lollipops this summer so you can get your sugar rush in the best way possible. The best part? You can eat these at any time of the day, because these prosecco lollipops won’t give you a buzz, so no getting in trouble with your boss after sneaking away for a long lunch.

According to Delish, a Starbucks spokesperson said: “the red-and-yellow-tinted pops are inspired by Italian sunsets.” However, you’ll have to hustle to get these tie-dye looking treats because they’re only here for the summer, and honestly, who would want to miss out on prosecco anything!

Like all good things, there is a catch! These sweet treats are only available in the States for a limited amount of time, so, if anyone is coming back to the motherland, we’d love to get a taste of these prosecco lollys!