Starbucks Is Opening Its First Signing Store In The States

After the Starbucks fiasco in which two African American men were arrested for literally doing nothing, it looks as though the company is looking to amend the error of their ways. Now, Starbucks is planning on opening their first Signing Store in the States after opening the first ever Signing Store in Malaysia in 2016.

Opening this October, America’s first Signing Store will employ 20 to 25 deaf or hard of hearing people who are proficient in ASL (American Sign Language).

Starbucks announced the news on Thursday and released a statement saying, “The store will create a distinctive retail experience for all customers while offering a unique store format that promotes accessibility and offers employment and career advancement opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing people.”

“The store will feature exclusive artwork and a custom mug designed by a deaf artist, and a variety of enhancements to support the deaf and hard of hearing partner and customer experience. Deaf baristas will have ASL aprons embroidered by a deaf supplier, and hearing partners (employees) who sign will have an ‘I Sign’ pin,” the statement continued.

The Signing Store will open at an existing Starbucks location at 6th and H Street in Washington DC and will definitely come as happy step toward further inclusivity.