Starbucks Introduces Limited Edition Tuxedo Collection Of Beverages

Yesterday, we told you all about how Starbucks is offering free coffees at select outlets in the US. Today, Starbucks is still on our rider; it just launched the ‘Tuxedo Collection’ of drinks to bring the New Year in in style.

The Tuxedo Collection

Starbucks announced the launch on its website saying “introducing the Tuxedo Collection, three beverages each with a silky swirl of dark and white chocolaty goodness.”


The Tuxedo Collection has three drinks; the Tuxedo Mocha, the Tuxedo Mocha Frappuccino and the Tuxedo Hot Chocolate. The drinks are made with a mocha and white chocolate mocha sauce, whipped cream toppings, mocha drizzle and then chocolate curls to give the drinks an added panache.

The Tuxedo Mochas and Frappuccinos will cost $4.24-$4.45 while the Hot Chocolate will be a little less at $3.25-$.345.

The collection are available only for a limited time; from December 26th to January 1st, so head over to Starbucks store to get yours before the New Year!