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Starbucks India Is Offering Customers An Elevated Coffee Experience With The Launch Of Its First Coffee Forward Store In Mumbai


Urban dwellers across India are familiar with the green and white Starbucks logo, which precedes a Starbucks cafe. These cafes offer customers a range of deliciously brewed coffees, teas and food as well as a relaxed dining expereince. Now, Starbucks India just opened its 93rd store in India in Lohkandwala, Mumbai. As well as being a cafe to enjoy coffee, this one allows customers to understand brewing methods.

Coffee Education And Tasting

Called the Starbucks Coffee Forward, the new store has state of the art coffee brewing machines including the white Eagle Espresso machine, the Chemex and the Siphon. Starbucks partners will use these machines to show customers the process behind brewing the perfect coffee.

“We are pleased to introduce our customers in Mumbai to a unique sensorial and immersive coffee experience while showcasing our expertise, craft and passion for all things coffee,” said Mr. Sumitro Ghosh, ceo, Tata Starbucks Pvt. Ltd. “The different brewing methods offered at the store give us an opportunity to engage our customers as they discover a new Starbucks coffee or enjoy a familiar taste in cup.”

The Starbucks Coffee forward store will educate customers on the bean, the grind, the brewing style and coffee pairings. Coffee masters – who have earned their Black Aprons through rigorous training – will show customers how the brewing methods can change the taste of coffees.

It’s possible that the store was inspired by the Starbucks Roasteries, which allow customers premium coffee experience and an immersion into the world of coffee.