Starbucks India Launches The Largest Elevated Coffee Experience In Bengaluru

Starbucks has been making waves ever since they (finally) made it to the subcontinent, and they show no signs of letting up now! Starbucks India has just launched their largest store in Bengaluru and they’re all prepared to wow us with an elevated coffee experience.

For starters, if you can’t live without your ‘Grande Latte’ in the mornings, the standard green apron is something that is instantly recognisable. However, at the Starbucks Vittal Mallya Store, all the partners are Coffee Masters, which means they wear a black apron, and have undergone a year of training in coffee and brewing to provide a truly elevated experience!

Don’t forget to try out the Brew Bar, where you’ll certainly be astounded by the intensity of Siphon brewed coffee (as well as the technically involved)! The Affogato Station, the first in India, combines ice cream with coffee to bring you some amazing drinks like the Signature Affogato, Cold Brew Malt, Nitro Cold brew float and Cold Brew float.

The Starbucks Vittal Mallya Store is Starbucks India’s 140th store, while it’s the 21st store in Bengaluru and it looks like they have no plans to stop brewing!