Starbucks India Launches A Smoothie Range That Contains No Added Sugar

Ever since Starbucks launched in India, they’ve lived up to the hype with an array of amazing beverages (hello, PSL)! Now, if you’re a bit of a health-freak, or are looking to cut a few calories, Starbucks India has launched a smoothie range that contains no added sugar (yes, you read that right)!

To cater to all those who prefer healthier beverage options, Starbucks has launched a refreshing & scrumptious range of smoothies to its menu this season! Created with fresh fruits, probiotic curd, and granola, these smoothies are the perfect supplement to all the fitness freaks out there!

Starbucks India has launched three different smoothies: Very Berry Smoothie, Banana Smoothie, and Banana Berry Smoothie, so you can guzzle down whatever flavor suits you!

Priced at INR 330, you can pick up the smoothie at all stores across India, so head to your nearest Starbucks, and get your health on!


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