Starbucks Is Hoping To Combat The Chaos Mobile Ordering Is Causing By Sending Out Text Messages

In order to combat the chaos caused by its app ordering, Starbucks has launched is going old school. It’s using text messages to tell its customers when their order is ready.

Testing With Texts

The chain has begun texting customers in Seattle to inform them that their orders are ready to pick up.

A while ago, Starbucks allowed its users to begin placing orders through its app. However, rather than reducing queues, it made customers arrive before their orders that were ready, causing crowds at its pick up counters.

Now, after Starbucks baristas finish making the order placed through the app, they scan the order’s barcode. This will trigger a text to the customer telling them their order is ready.

Should the text message feature prove to help the process, it may be rolled out to other locations.