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Starbucks Holiday Cup Becomes Controversial On The Internet


This may not be the first time that the holiday cups introduced by Starbucks has become a part of a controversy and come out of it too. But this one might come as a surprise if you’ve not given the cup a suspicious look. There are claims that the hands shown on the cup are that of a lesbian couple.

The Controversial Cup

After an article on Buzzfeed by Venessa Wong, going with the theory that the couple holding hands on the cup is similar to how a same sex couple holds hands, many twitter users also supported the theory.

Here are similar reactions to those who found the alleged lesbian hands on the cup weren’t cool.

But there were also some who simply took the high road.

Starbucks hasn’t commented on the controversy yet or given any statement clarifying or supporting the claim about the hands on the cup. “The cup became a symbol of the holidays, the anticipation growing with each passing year.  Over the years, online countdown clocks have sprung up as speculation builds on social media. It is now a fixture in popular culture, the star of both morning talk shows and late night stand-up routines. Passions for the cup have run so high that even the design could become controversial, as it did in 2015 when Starbucks introduced a modern two-toned, ombré red design,” says an article on how these holiday cups became a tradition at the giant coffee chain.

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