Starbucks – How To Earn Discount Coupons

Starbucks is America’s and the world’s largest coffeehouse chain. Many people find themselves addicted to this cafe because of its good ambiance and world-class coffee.

There is one downfall to Starbucks: it’s rather high prices. Some people can spend hundreds of dollars on their coffee every week – money that could be saved and used elsewhere.

However, we know that nobody is going to compromise on their coffee, so how else could we save money while still having our daily dose of Starbucks? The answer is coupons and, believe it or not, they are easy and simple to get your hands on. 

Starbucks - How To Earn Discount Coupons

4 Ways To Earn Coupons

Here are some of the best ways that you can earn Starbucks coupons so you can get your daily caffeine fix without paying full price.

Search For Digital Starbucks Coupons

There are many easy ways to get your hands on digital coupons. There are even digital coupon companies online that find the coupons for you. All you have to do is visit their website, copy the coupons that you would like to use and bring them with you on your next Starbucks visit.

You can store digital coupons on your phone and have them scanned upon your next purchase. You could also just print them, but this would be the more expensive option as you would have to use ink. 

There are plenty of digital coupon companies out there. A few of the most prominent ones include RedPlum, Coupon Sherpa and Groupon.

Digital coupon companies are probably the easiest and most commonly used method of collecting coupons. If you really want to save some cash, this is perhaps the best way to do it. 

Call The Company

On the Starbucks website, you will be able to find the customer call number. This number is used by customers who have any complaints or problems that they would like to discuss with the Starbucks staff. Many couponers also use this number to ask for any promotions that may be available to them. 

This is a great and easy way to get your hands on some extra coupons. The staff is sometimes very generous, which makes the effort worth it in the end. 

You could also search the website for more coupons. Some companies have a specific web page for discounts and promotions.  

Sign Up For The Starbucks Newsletters

If you find yourself visiting Starbucks daily, visiting their website will be worth your time. You will be able to sign up for their newsletter, which is a good way to earn coupons and other promotions. Subscribers are also sometimes alerted when there are exclusive deals and discounts on certain products.

You could also download their loyalty app, which sometimes rewards users with digital coupons. Digital coupons can be scanned at your next visit, or you can print them.

If there are any brochures or newsletters in the Starbucks cafe, check if there are any coupons hidden inside. If there are, take a few for future use.

Buy A Few Newspapers 

Newspapers are often used to dish out coupons. 

You could try subscribing to a newspaper company and you will receive their newspaper once a week. However, this will cost you a fee. If you still chose to do this, scan this paper for coupons and cut them out if you find any. 

A cheaper option would be to ask your friends or neighbors for their discarded newspapers. Most of these coupons go unused, meaning that you could snatch them up before they are thrown away. 

You could also simply buy a few papers from the shops. If you do this, be sure to purchase the Sunday paper on a Monday as they are usually cheaper on this day. 

Discount stores, such as Costco and The Dollar Tree, sell their papers for only a dollar each, which is much cheaper than anywhere else. Many couponers do this, which is why they have a three paper per person rule.

Starbucks - How To Earn Discount Coupons


There are plenty of ways to earn and find coupons for Starbucks. Buy a few newspapers, which sometimes have coupons hidden inside, and search for digital coupons online via digital coupon companies. 

Sign up for the Starbucks newsletters, download their loyalty app and call the company using the customer call number to ask for any promotions.