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Starbucks Created A Facebook Group As A “Safe Space” For Pumpkin Spice Latte Fans


Fall is in just another couple of months, and Pumpkin Spice Latte fans are preparing themselves for a season of people calling them basic. However, Starbucks may have found a way to shield their PSL lovers from all the ridicule and get them to celebrate “Fall. Year. Long”.

Last week Starbucks announced on Twitter that they had created a new Facebook Group called the Leaf Rakers Society. “It’s never too early to celebrate fall. Right?” the brand tweeted, before providing a link to the group to those who say “yes.”

The group labels itself as a “a safe place for a) pumpkins b) year-round scarf-wearers c) those who would rather work on their Halloween costume than their tan d) members of the Great Pumpkinwatch 2017 Facebook Group.” It then further explains, “This group serves as a forum where we constructively work together with Mother Nature to help Autumn arrive earlier in the calendar year. Maybe we get rid of August, or something?”

To become a member, you’ll have to adhere to a set of rules such as “Please: no hatin’ on fall”, or the more self-promoting “When referring to or posting about products and drinks, keep it Starbucks-focused.” (It is a Starbucks group after all.)

The group also doubles up as a breaking news source for all things ‘Fall’ as Starbucks revealed with another tweet:

So, if you’re a PSL lover, this group could be your jam!

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