Starbucks Can Officially Fill Your Cup With As Much Ice As It Wants

Unless you ask otherwise, of course.


Starbucks is clearly nontroversy’s (and lawsuits’) favourite child. One of the recent suits filed against the coffee giant claimed that Starbucks filled its cups and glasses with too much ice, which in turn results in customers being served less than what they actually paid for.

The idea behind plaintiff Alexander Forouzesh’s suit was that Starbucks instructs baristas to fill the liquid in iced drinks up to a preset fill line that’s not at the top of the cup. The remainder is ice, and that’s fraud, he claimed, because beverage sizes don’t contain the quantities advertised (12 ounces for a Tall, 16 ounces for a Grande, 24 ounces for a Venti), reported Grub Street.2d5a6f30175a947a7c1ed4d27ba7b0d9

But on Friday, a U.S. District Court rejected a California customer’s claim. Judge Percy Anderson didn’t buy that argument, saying: “If children have figured out that including ice in a cold beverage decreases the amount of liquid they will receive, a reasonable consumer would not be deceived” by the ice Starbucks adds into cold drinks.

The judge also pointed out that Starbucks’ cups were transparent so the customer can see how much is ice and how much is Frappuccino (for example). So no fraud there.64f3a4ce876c282af617a687d03f787e

And moreover, if the customer doesn’t want to be “cheated”, they can always request for lesser or no ice. Seriously though, where your common sense at?!


With this lawsuit ruled in the coffee magnate’s favour, Starbucks has only three more to face now. Another ice suit, and two claiming that the baristas under-fill hot drinks by over-aerating the milk.