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Starbucks brings in the Flat White from Down Under!


We aren’t really sure where the flat white originated. Some reports say the flat white originated in New Zealand and perfected in Australia while others say it was vice versa. Either way, the Aussies favorite drink is now been introduced to the U. S Menu.


We know what you are thinking, what is ‘flat white’? With little research we have found that the ‘flat white’ is two shots of espresso topped with microfoam made of whole milk. It does sound a lot like a cappuccino, but has more coffee and it does contain more ‘velvety’ milk and doesn’t have the signature thick foam layer of a cappuccino. There is also something about the way the milk is poured but we couldn’t get our heads around that.


A lot of people mistake the flat white for a small latte as the flat white is always served in a smaller size cup but it a lot creamier than a latte. In short, the flat white is creamier than a latte and thinner than a cappuccino. The drink has been served in Australia since 2009 and in the UK since 2010.How would you like to be served Flat White in the Starbucks near you?