A Starbucks Barista Just Made Drew Barrymore’s Day

Who doesn’t like a little unexpected love here and there? Especially if it comes with a tall glass of iced tea, early in the morning, at the very first day of the year. Well, as it turns out Drew Barrymore adores them too and a Starbucks barista just made her day with the cutest surprise ever.

Barrymore took to Instagram to share her surprise and admiration for the barista who scribbled “We <3 u Drew” on the actor’s “trough of iced tea”. She sent out New Year wishes to everyone along with a little snippet of advice about going into 2018 “with some love and goodness and kindness” and also giving the love to someone else.

Touching as it may be but, as Refinery29 points out, the barista’s love was probably directed towards Barrymore’s simplicity of drink as compared to the recent trend that traumatised every Starbucks barista, that is, the Unicorn Frappuccino.

And everything said and done, while the incident was super cute and “aww”-worthy, we can’t help but point out the stark contrast between the Santa Clarita Diet star’s go-to choice of caffeine – Black Iced Tea – and her on-screen character, Sheila’s staple tall flask of blood!


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