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Starbucks Has Announced Its First Ever Spring Themed Cups


Starbucks is famous (sometimes infamous) for its holiday cups; special cups released during autumn and winter to mark the holiday season. Now, in a first, the massive coffee chain is rolling out cups celebrating Spring.

Happy, Pastel Colored Cups

The new cups, which will be released across the US and Canada on March 16th are in three pastel colors from Pantone’s springtime collection; a sunny yellow (Venti), a robin’s egg blue (Grande) and a leafy green (Tall).

The cups either have a blank circle or doodles of umbrellas, suns or a young girl.

In a report, Eater has made it very clear that these cups are not Easter cups but meant to celebrate Spring; it urges people not to consider them Easter cups. Instead, just enjoy having your morning cuppa in pretty, pastel colored cups which capture the beautiful colours of Spring.