Standardisation Of Goan Feni And Mahua Is On FSSAI’s Agenda

The food regulator, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is currently working on standardisation of the popular, locally made drinks of Goa, Feni and a Mahua-based drink reports F&B News. Both are alcohol based and feni being popular has been recently deemed as the heritage drink of Goa.

Feni And Mahua To Be Standardised

The Chief Executive Officer of FSSAI, Pawan Kumar Agarwal has told F&B News that the regulator has been targeting the traditional drinks and that standardisation of feni and mahua is underway. “Right now, feni is not included in the list, but we have decided to take up these drinks as a separate category itself,” he said. He also added that once the process is complete, customers would be sure of the quality of these drinks.

Standardisation Of Goan Feni And Mahua Is On FSSAI’s Agenda

“If FSSAI is working on the standards for feni, it will be a very good move. It will help in improving the quality of the drink. Moreover, it will help in preventing people from indulging in the adulteration of the drink,” S L Naik, manager, Cazcar Heritage Distiller, Goa told F&B News. Parashram J Patil, social scientist and chairman, Institute for Natural Resources, Kolhapur also spoke to the publication and said, “This is a welcome move by FSSAI. The standards for feni will ensure its quality, and as India is a global leader in the world cashew economy, such quality by-products can help in boosting the local economy as well.”

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