Spurious Milk And Paneer Seized By Punjab FDA Exposing Malpractices

According to a report by F&B News, spurious milk and milk products were seized in Punjab by the state FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The department’s commissioner KS Pannu said that several raids were conducted and thousands of samples collected during these. There was a large amount of spurious milk and food items made with milk like paneer, ghee and khoya.

Adulteration In Milk And Milk Products

“We conducted hundreds of raids in a month. Thousands of samples were seized. Hundreds of quintals of spurious milk, paneer, desi ghee and khoya were unearthed, and above all, 60 percent of the 724 legal samples of MMP collected by the food safety teams in a 10-day drive under the banner of Tandrust Punjab Mission failed to qualify the quality test,” said Pannu. “This was the status of the state revered for the stellar role he played in ushering in the White Revolution,” he added.

Spurious Milk And Paneer Seized By Punjab FDA Exposing Malpractices

While explaining the measures taken he told F&B News, “Ensuring unadulterated food, especially milk and milk products, is one of the important components of the Tandrust Punjab Mission. Pure food is the right of citizens. So, we started the campaign to sensitise the stakeholders about the need to abstain from adulteration, and forewarned them of strict action against the defaulters. We held meetings at the state level with the Halwai Associations and the Progressive Dairy Farmers’ Association to garner their support and win over their confidence as our motive is corrective, not punitive. We want to check spurious products and not harass anyone.”

He also talked about how even after months the checks were carried on. “Regular inspections continued month after month, and the comparative analysis report of the MMP samples seized during the month of August and September reflected 15 percent reduction in sub-standard milk and milk products (MMP). But this is just the beginning. We shall not rest till we end this nuisance. The public is also supporting us with valuable tip-offs. Besides the routine inspections, we will tighten the noose around wrong-doers by taking strict action against the defaulters.”