With SPRIG Gourmet Spices, You Can Try Your Hand At Being A Masterchef

Every die hard foodie is also a home chef – whether it is recreating various Masterchef recipes, recipes off the internet, or coming up with your own creation – we’re sure a lot of you agree with us here. While recreating your own recipe is undoubtedly an awesome experience, do you get frustrated when you cant find a particular product in the market – herb infused olive oils from Greece, for instance. Don’t let that hold you back from your culinary aspirations, SPRIG has got you covered.


Started by Synthite – manufacturers and processors of natural products such as spice oleoresins, essential oils, food colors and spices – SPRIG is their portal into the world of premium gourmet products and ingredients. Synthite Industries Ltd, founded 44 years agoby C.V. Jacob, is the foremost name dealing in spice oleoresin at the national as well international levels. 

SPRIG: Cooking Was Never As Delightful

This Kerala based gourmet brand entered the markets in 2014 and has been growing ever since. Currently they have 40 exquisite products available in stores in India, United States of America, United Kingdom, and Europe. You can also buy their products via their website or find them as luxury boxes at hotels.


In India, their product range is priced between INR 149 and INR 899, and includes a variety of natural extracts, gourmet spice blends, speciality gourmet teas, hot sauces, premium finishing oils, gourmet sugars, gourmet sea salts, and the finest vanilla beans!

So the next time whatever your culinary creation requirement – whether whole green cardamom from idduki, vanilla beans from Madagascar, wasabi, or mexican chile – don’t give up in despair! Think of SPRIG and think of the many possibilities you’ve added to your culinary journey.