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A spoonful of sugar and a pinch of Wonder at Linu’s Kitchen


Two little girls, 100 kgs of Plum cake and a food blog to manage, Linu Freddy of Linu’s Kitchen is a busy homemaker and baker. We had a chat with her to get the inside scoop. 

“I was a software engineer. After my second daughter came along, I found that I needed a change. I quit my job and truth be told, got a little restless. I started doing some technical writing to keep my brain distracted. Once the children started playschool, I had a bit more time on my hands. I baked even back then. So I set up a website. Lots of people called in, my neighbours even! It’s now been 4 years since I started up Linu’s Kitchen and so much has changed. 

I do everything myself. My standards for quality are quite high- so I trust no one else with them. I do every bit till the decoration, all by myself. I usually need a 7 day heads up for a themed cake and 3-4 days for regular cream cakes. 

I have a loyal client base and my schedule is always jam-packed. My main rush comes in at Christmas time. People come to me for my signature Plum cake. They pre-order four months in advance. I bake around 100 kgs of Plum cake just during Christmas!  Come May, I pack up my bags and head home for a one month long holiday. ” 

“My most popular cakes are my farm themed cakes for kids, super hero cakes for boys and princess cakes for girls. I love to bake tea cakes like carrot and plum- no cream and no strings attached. My family loves my Tiramisu. “

To women out there, 

“I wasn’t too comfortable leaving my kids home alone. So while all my friends continue to work outside, I chose to quit my job. I was restless at home. I found something that I loved, and made a career out of it. And I know for a fact, there are so many people out there, housewives, that feel the same way. They’re hesitant to try. I’d say, find something that interests you and just go for it. Give yourself time and go where your passion takes you. ” 

Call Linu at 091762 45518 for a cake wonder.