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Spoiler Alert: An App That’s Trying To Alleviate Food Waste Through Technology


While some people complain that technology is taking over our lives, it’s important to acknowledge that it can also do a world of good when you’re trying to alleviate boredom, get directions or control food wastage. Meet Spoiler Alert, an app that is working hard to limit food wastage and combat the problem of food insecurity.

Spoiler Alert, which was founded by Emily Malina and Ricky Ashenfelter, connects retailers and producers to non-profit organisations and companies that make fertiliser and animal feed, so that the companies have an alternative for dumping unwanted produce in landfills.


Benefiting Both Sides

While the app benefits those in need of food, it also works in the favour of companies donating food. “What we offer is an opportunity to save money through a variety of ways. If companies are able to reduce the amount of food they throw away, they can have fewer hauling pickups, which reduces hauling fees,” said Malina in an interview in TechCrunch.

Working until There Is Zero Food Waste?

Spoiler Alert currently operates in New England, and is seeking funding that will allow it to expand to New York. “If we get to the point where there is zero wasted food, I will feel like we have done our job, but I don’t see that happening seeing as $165 billion worth of food gets wasted every year in the U.S. alone,” said Malina. However, the app is making a contribution towards combating food wastage, and, because of that, it’s a spoiler alert that we can get on board with.