Spicy Beer-Battered Prawns – A Crunchy Appetizer
August 9, 2018
Sharmili Namadevan (176 articles)

Spicy Beer-Battered Prawns – A Crunchy Appetizer

Prawns are one of the most-loved seafood and for good reason. We love prawns in all of its edible forms but we’re a little partial to this Spicy Beer-Battered Prawns recipe. It’s made with Hunter Beer sent by Som Distilleries, one of their premium varieties. The prawns are crispy on the outside, juicy and succulent on the inside and taste absolutely delicious. Perfect as a boozy appetizer or as something to munch on a rainy day, this beer-battered prawn recipe is soon to become your favorite, it already is ours. Try it out and slay people with your culinary skills.

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Sharmili Namadevan

Sharmili Namadevan

A simple woman who believes that words have the potential to change the world, she is a foodie at heart with a passion for literature, psychology and all things Harry Potter.


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